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Business of the Year 2023

Our 2023 Business of the Year is Buck Bald Brewing Co.



Ambassadors are vital to a Chamber of Commerce.  Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce Ambassasors ares invaluable to all Chamber events, and we appreciate the time and effort they provide to support their local Chamber and county.  Our Ambassadors come from a wide range of business, social, and community backgrounds and their unique experiences and energy keep our chamber vital. Our Ambassadors are listed below:

Meet Our Cherokee County Chamber Ambassadors

Barbara Hughes
Community Volunteer & Murphy Town Council

David Brown, Publisher
Cherokee Scout

Sherry Palmer

Elo-ly Bailey
Cherokee County Master Gardners

Christie Standish
Edward Jones Investments

Corey Bailey
Heritage Partners

Randi Stewart
State Farm Steven Aft-Team Leader Client Experience

Jeanie Teague
Peachtree Community Center

Jeff Lewis, Branch Manager
Mountain Credit Union

Want to get involved? Contact us about opportunities at 828-837-2242 or email.


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