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Robbing the Bees with Alan Wamsley of Simple Life Farm and Campground

Alan Wamsley, owner of Simple Life Farm and Campground in Robbinsville, NC, invited us to join him last month while “robbing the bees.” Robbing the bees is an old expression for getting honey out of bee hives. But that’s just part of the process for the day. The second activity is spinning the honey. Don’t worry if this sounds crazy - we have a video that shows the whole process.



About Simple Life Farm

The Simple Life Farm is at the feet of the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. We offer fresh Apples and Sourwood Honey from June to October.

Simple Life Farm's mission is to openly share ''how to'' information so that others can learn about beekeeping, how honey is produced. We are an educational resource to help encourage, motivate and establish new beekeepers as well as provide them with superior equipment with which to raise their own honeybees. Enjoy the incredible flavor and real health benefits of pure, natural raw honey. Our honey is fresh from the hives, just as the bees made it, never heated or filtered.

Our bee yard is in The Simple Life Mountain Retreat that is in the Nantahala National Forest. In the early Spring the honey is made from trees such as Apple and Tulip Poplar, a variety of wildflowers, and garden veggies and herbs. Later in July the Sourwood Tree, found only in the southern Appalachians, is a special treat for the bees who produce the sought-after premium Sourwood Honey.

Stay we us. We offer cabin rentals, camping, and RV sites.

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