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Visit NC Farms App - Connecting You to Local Produce, Local Business and Local Fun

Are you looking for farm fresh produce, eggs, fruits, and vegetables? Is beef what's for dinner - if only you could find a farm that raises Angus responsibly? Has COVID-19 curbed your travel options and you're now looking to take your family on a local trip or staycation?

Sherry Raines encourages everyone to download the new Visit NC Farms app that connects people in local communities to the many agritourism related vendors in western North Carolina.

Started by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, this statewide initiative is receiving popular feedback from vendors and customers alike. An easy way to see what's available from participating members, map a trip, and support the local economy can now be at your fingertips.

See more information about the Visit NC Farms app here and here.


Visit NC Farms

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