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An Interview with Dr. Anne Merkel

Dr. Anne Merkel, Ariela Group Wholistic ServicesHard to believe but we’ve already burned through the first two months of 2020. That means we’ve blown past interesting monthly observances like January’s Healthy Weight Awareness Month, National Global Belly Laugh Day, and February’s Leap of Kindness Day, just to name a few.

March is Women’s History Month and the Cherokee County Chamber will be spotlighting a few of our Women in Business. First up, Dr. Anne Merkel, allows us to hit a winning trifecta by virtue of her background in health, wellness, and of course - being an awesome woman. 

Check out her interview with Executive Director, Sherry Raines where Merkel shares not only her interesting insights into the many sources of chronic illnesses, but candidly talks about her experience of moving from chronic pain to wellness.

Reflecting Healthy Weight Awareness for the month of January, Merkel also answers a few questions to help us enlarge on what Healthy Weight really means, and what factors influence it, and why it may be so hard for some to attain it despite best efforts and repeated attempts.

Healthy Weight Awareness Month Questionnaire 

Chamber: Other than genetics, what are some challenges to maintaining a healthy weight? 

ANNE: When clients come to my practice for weight management support we often start with a scan of their genetics in order to ascertain physical predispositions and weaknesses in digestion, etc. We then look at the full lifestyle, environment, emotional component, and diet/nutrition to identify what each unique person may be struggling with that results in weight issues. 

Chamber: What are some common signs that we are “veering off track” from our healthy eating/weight related goals? 

ANNE: Some people stick to their weight-loss “diet”, lower caloric intake, exercise regularly, and still cannot lose (or gain) weight. If it seems like a struggle, then your unique body is calling for something unique for you, and a functional medicine practitioner who looks at your full self can help to identify the root cause. This might be a food sensitivity, genetic predisposition that can be managed, emotional issues that want to “protect” you from the outside world, etc. Having worked with hundreds of such cases, there is always a cause when what you do isn’t working. 

Chamber: What factors contribute to "falling off the wagon?" 

ANNE: “Falling off the wagon” with weight goals may be due to many issues: impatience to lose, societal pressure around you, inability to let go of old eating patterns, seasonal reasons for not getting out to exercise, food sensitivities that create symptoms causing you to lose hope, etc. There are ways to allow your body to tell you naturally what is causing this self-sabotage. 

Chamber: When people hit a "weight plateau" what can they do to avoid discouragement? 

ANNE: Your body knows how to balance its weight naturally, however the proverbial “weight plateau” is often reached way before the natural balance point. This can be caused by a life or habit change, impatience, the body needing a bit of time to “catch up” with the speed with which you have lost weight, or even an emotional component of being close, but not close enough to your final goal... “fear of success??”. 

Chamber: How does your organization help people lose and maintain healthy weight? 

ANNE: In my practice we offer genetic coaching, acupuncture, nutritional support, emotional counseling, public seminars, facebook pages & groups, video counseling and support using energy therapies & remedies. If you are ready to lose (or gain) weight, we are ready to support your unique process! 

Chamber: What incentives is your organization offering (if any) for January (aka Healthy Weight Awareness Month) 

ANNE: During this month (March, 2020) we are offering our acupuncture services in our Mineral Bluff office at half price. Also, we offer many free services and support programs via our websites and facebook: for Energy Medicine // for Functional Medicine . 

Chamber: What other comments, or words of wisdom and encouragement can you give to people starting the New Years with weight related goals?

ANNE: I have never believed that people with weight issues eat too much or are lazy. If you truly have set a goal to lose (or gain) weight, it can become much easier if you ask a professional to guide you to look at all areas of your life that: 1-may have caused your weight issues, 2-may be holding you back from starting the process or reaching your goal, 3-may sabotage you along the way either consciously or unconsciously, physically or emotionally, and 4-may require the creation of a special weight management protocol just for your unique self. Please let me know if I can be of service to you! 

Featured member

Anne Merkel | The Ariela Group


Dr. Anne Merkel is a local health practitioner utilizing wholisitic (whole-person) practices within the scopes of Natural Medicine, Energy Medicine, Genetics Counseling, Nutritional Coaching, Acupuncture, Food Sensitivity testing, and more. Her areas of focus include: autoimmune and chronic health conditions, degenerative disease, trauma, stress, self-sabotage, creativity, personal transformation, business enhancement, among others.

Dr. Merkel offers phone consults, office visits in Mineral Bluff, GA, and multi-day Wellness Retreats. She has been involved with natural health for over thirty years. Her publications are sold on Amazon as well as locally, she has appeared on television, radio, as a featured conference presenter, and she regularly offers local seminars to the public. She is known for her multi-faceted approach to dis-ease, and she boasts many satisfied clients in the region and world-wide.

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Mineral Bluff, GA

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