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Giving Thanks

A time to give thanks.....

Every year since I was a child I remember the same question at Thanksgiving: What are you thankful for? Whether posed by a teacher, parent, friend, or peer this question always gave me pause. Of course the things that we are thankful for change with maturity. So this year I asked myself "the" Thanksgiving question and I was surprised at my immediate reaction.

The chamber has recently undergone some staffing changes. Our trusty Marketing Director Becca McNabb is stepping away to fulfill her evergrowing list of "Mom" duties. We know all the little McNabbs are thankful to have Mom available 24/7 now. Thankfully she has enlisted to become a Chamber Ambassador (and answer my calls always and forever) so count on seeing her at our events representing McNabb Properties. As bad as we will all miss Becca, never fear, we have a new candidate groomed and ready to fill the massive responsiblity of keeping our Chamber's marketing strategy on track. Known already as an integral member of our Chamber team, Ronda Birtha is up for the challenge and more than qualified.

The newest addition to our staff and assuming Ronda's administrative duties, we are extremely thankful to welcome Stephanie McAllister. Stephanie moved to Murphy from Atlanta where she spent the past three years working for the CDC as a biochemist. Yes a biochemist.... in Murphy. Engaged to our new Edward Jones Financial Advisor, Trevor Walker, with local wedding plans in the Fall of 2020. And yes she is extremely qualified, but more importantly, she is thrilled to be working for the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce. Stephanie brings a youthful exuberance and helpful energy to the job.

So the point of all of this information beyond aquainting our members and the community with our staff is, I am thankful to have been continually blessed to work with extraordinary people at the Chamber of Commerce. This was my immediate reaction when I asked myself yesterday what I was thankful for this holiday season. Of course I am truly thankful as well for the regular things most people mention: health, family, love, friends, etc., but I am also deeply thankful to spend most of my days with a team of folks who are overwhelmingly kind and supportive. From the bottom of my heart thank you ladies.

Sherry Raines, Executive Director-Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce

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