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Dinner for Three….

Or just drinks…..

Well our pick for August was Daily Grind & Wine; Forks and Corks 2019 Best Drink Winner. This little joint is truly the local hang out. Whether your popping in for breakfast, lunch or an evening with friends you can’t help but notice the camaraderie and cozy atmosphere. To quote the Grind’s own website: “The Daily Grind & Wine has become the ”Cheers” for locals and visitors alike. Located in a historic building in quaint Downtown Murphy, NC, it is ”A Great Place To Meet Old Friends and Make New Ones!”

Slipping through the door on a Thursday evening around 5:00 pm finds a energetic crowd; fans of the weekly Open Jam and Darts. The Open Jam session offers an opportunity for local artists to perform and for the patrons to enjoy a variety of entertainment.

As we belly up to the bar we notice a eclectic mix of locals and new faces enjoying the draft and wine selections as well a a full menu coffee bar. The energy is light and fun as we make our way around the place. The circuit takes a full hour with so many people to visit, greet, or hug so of course we got separated. Finally finding ourselves together once again; our glasses empty but our hearts full we have to agree with Lane’s motto “Cheers Indeed!”

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