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On the Road with Riley - Lake Hiwassee, Murphy, NC

Early Trip Down Hiwassee Lake in Murphy, NC So far in “On the Road with Riley,” we have hiked, biked, and run across the Appalachian terrain. This, however, does not fully encapsulate the vast array of adventures that await in Western North Carolina. Therefore, on this outing, we took to the waters for an early…

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On the Road with Riley - Panther Top

On the Road with Riley – Panther Top Tower Trail Are you interested in a relatively easy hike with a phenomenal view? Do you enjoy exploring old logging roads that snake through the Appalachian wilderness? Are you preferential to trails that are open to both dogs and horses, as well as foot and bike traffic?…

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On the Road with Riley - Jack Rabbit Trails, Hiawassee, NC

On the Road with Riley – Jack Rabbit Trails Trailhead at Jackrabbit Mountain in Hayesville, NC | photo by Riley Lachance I recently visited the Jackrabbit Mountain trail system for a mountain biking excursion with my dad. Let me begin by stating that I am by no means an expert mountain biker (hiking and running…

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Riley LaChance, guest vlogger at Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce hikes Piney Knob Trail in Murphy, NC

Piney Knob Trail Running, Hiking, or Biking? Yes. Are you interested in exploring the tranquil wilderness of Western North Carolina? Are you in need of a hiatus from the monotonous expanses of concrete that have engulfed much of our world? Do you yearn for a place in which the only sounds are those of chirping…

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